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Your initial interaction serves as the foundation for your journey. Following this, you can progress to advanced workshops, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the Banaam Accredited 5 Stone Program.


This visual roadmap highlights our commitment to meeting individuals and organisations wherever they are on their cultural intelligence journey and guiding them toward a deeper connection with Indigenous wisdom and values.

Our Primary Experiences

Introductory Cultural Intelligence Workshops

Explore the foundations of traditional Aboriginal culture and gain practical knowledge and skills for advanced cultural intelligence, cross-cultural competence, and effective team building. 

On Country Experiences

Join us for a guided walk on-Country at Fingal, where you’ll witness the rich cultural traditions practised by our local Aboriginal people for thousands of years. 

Cultural Exchange Programs

Create and lead engaging cultural exchange programs that provide employees with direct, immersive learning experiences within Aboriginal communities, fostering a deeper understanding of their rich heritage.

Advanced Cultural Intelligence Workshop

Through interrogation of our cultural frameworks and practical applications, these interactive workshop-style sessions provide a deeper understanding and fresh perspective on leadership, team dynamics and how cultural systems influence us collectively.  You will be empowered to use cultural frameworks and systems as a tool to assist with decision making, team building, evolving organisational systems and structures, and more.

Other Services

Cultural Exchanges

Create and lead engaging cultural exchange programs that provide participants with direct, immersive learning experiences within Aboriginal communities, fostering a deeper understanding of their rich heritage.

Land & acknowledgment assistance

Let us assist you in crafting meaningful and accurate land acknowledgments for events, publications, and communications, demonstrating your commitment to acknowledging and honouring the land’s Aboriginal history.

Art & design guidance

Navigate the world of Aboriginal art and symbolism with our expert guidance, ensuring that your use is respectful, culturally appropriate, and accompanied by proper representation and attribution.

Project & initiative consultation

Elevate your projects, products, or initiatives by seeking our expert insights and recommendations to ensure they align with cultural appropriateness and respect.

Heritage & site preservation

Gain valuable insights into the preservation and reverence of Aboriginal heritage sites and artifacts, ensuring their protection and respect for generations to come.

Cultural inclusion assessment

Uncover and rectify cultural insensitivities within your organisation with our comprehensive assessments, fostering a more culturally inclusive and aware workplace.

Event planning support

Let us assist you in orchestrating culturally sensitive events, ceremonies, or workshops that not only celebrate the rich tapestry of Aboriginal heritage but also promote a deeper understanding.

Relationship building

Facilitate connections with Aboriginal community members, leaders, and organisations, allowing you to build authentic and mutually beneficial relationships that promote cultural understanding and collaboration.

Crisis management & communication

Receive expert guidance on implementing culturally sensitive communication strategies when navigating crises involving Aboriginal communities or cultural matters, ensuring respectful and effective communication.

Stakeholder engagement strategy and guidelines development

Forge meaningful connections with key stakeholders. Partner with us to establish comprehensive guidelines for ethical engagement with Aboriginal communities.

Monitoring & reporting

Stay informed about the impact of our cultural advisory services through diligent progress tracking, outcome evaluation, and detailed reports that shed light on the transformation brought about by our partnership.

Policy & protocol development

Our policy guidance ensures the seamless integration of cultural protocols into your workplace procedures, promoting a more inclusive environment.

Curriculum development

Join forces with us to co-create educational materials centred around Aboriginal cultures, enriching school curriculums and educational programs with diverse perspectives and insights.

Cultural resource development

Craft informative resources such as brochures, videos, or websites that serve as educational tools for both employees and the public, deepening their understanding of Aboriginal cultures.


Fostering inclusivity and enhancing engagement with Sofitel Gold Coast

Amery Burleigh from Sofitel screenshot from case study video

By implementing Banaam’s framework, Sofitel Gold Coast successfully increased employee engagement, reduced staff turnover, and fostered a welcoming environment for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees and guests.

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Banaam acknowledges the Traditional Owners as the custodians of the land. We recognise their connections to lands, waters, territories and resources. We pay respect to Australia’s First Peoples and their Elders past, present and future.

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